How to Order

It is important that we get the flowers at its freshest state and at the soonest time possible. The quality of the preservation depends largely on the condition of the flowers upon pickup. Ideally, we accept wedding bouquets and special occasion flowers immediately after the event. Otherwise, we will apply the ruling of MAXIMUM 3 DAY-OLD BOUQUETS as part of our control measure in ensuring that we provide the best service for you. More so, PURPLEKNOT reserves the right to deny or decline its services if we believe that the bouquet is not fit for preservation anymore.

Should you decide to avail of our services, here is the step-by-step process you need to know:

1. Make your reservations at least a month before your wedding date so we can pencil book the pick-up of your bouquet. This is essential so that we can ensure that we get your flowers at the venue of your reception. We can then contact your wedding coordinator as to the time that it would be possible to pick up the bouquet.

2. Upon pick-up, we require Php 4,000.00 down payment. You have the option of depositing to our account days before your wedding or you may also entrust it to your wedding coordinator during pick-up at the venue. We will provide Official Receipt for your reference.

3. If other memorabilia are to be included in the frame, please ensure that it is properly packed and ready for pick-up together with the bouquet. Soft copy of the picture can be sent through email.

4. For the delivery of the preserved bouquet, we will schedule it with our third party service provider once you have deposited the remaining balance. If you wish for a meet-up at our designated locations, balance may be paid upon delivery.

5. If the wedding has already taken place, please contact us immediately so we can schedule pickup the soonest time.

6. To ensure that your flowers stay as fresh as possible, here are some tips on how to take care of your bouquet post-wedding:

a. Keep your flowers hydrated all the time. You may trim off ½” from the stem and place it in a flower vase. If your bouquet is in an oasis, add water to the foam to keep them hydrated.

b. You may also place them in the refrigerator but DO NOT FREEZE THEM. If this is not possible, keep the flowers in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

c. Do not spray the flowers with water. Keep the petals as dry as possible.

7. Making your down payment to PURPLEKNOT means that you agree with the Terms and Conditions. You may contact us for any queries for further clarifications.